COVID-19 Clinic Rules

  1. Each online booking request will be reviewed before confirmation because we only provide limited treatments each day in order to allow enough time to do cleaning/disinfecting before and after each patient visit.
  2. We wear masks in the clinic. And we strongly recommend you, and your accompanying members if any,  to wear a mask or any other form of face covering upon arrival and during the treatment. 
  3. IF you feel difficult breathing or uncomfortable because of wearing mask, let the therapist know. We will do our best to help you or give you suggestions accordingly.
  4. We will apply a regular cleaning/disinfecting procedure on site, i.e. treatment rooms, doorknobs, chairs, desks, etc. during all the clinic time.
  5. We will provide touchless transactions for the payment if you are ready to do so. We suggest no cash pay.
  6. We suggest you to wait in your vehicles or make alternative arrangements if you arrive earlier than the scheduled time unless being notified specifically.
  7. All the Rules above listed are made upon the provincial regulations on COVID-19 pandemic and the Return-to-Practice Guidance created by both RMT and Acupuncturist/TCMP regulatory colleges.