Welcome back to Duo Studio !

Duo to the public concern on COVID-19 pandemic, there are some clinic Rules and Requirements for the clients to follow:

  • Make sure you understand the situation and would like to follow the rules and requirements upon the visit
  • Wearing a mask or any other form of face covering is strongly recommended upon arrival and during the treatment
  • You must read the COVID-19 Pre-screening Agreement and submit it BEFORE visiting our clinic
For more details about COVID-19 rules in our clinic, CLICK HERE

RMTAO: What to expect from your massage therapy treatment during COVID-19

Welcome to Duo Healing & Wellness Studio

At DUO STUDIO, David and Ella are always ready to provide you precise performances - either Solo or Duo - depending on your demand, by taking advantage of both Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) and Western Therapeutic Massage.

We accept Extended Health Care Insurance for service with Acupuncture and/or Massage.

Please be advised to check your insurance policy and benefits first to make sure the availability.

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